Fania Roofing Company

The Fania Roofing Company has been installing, repairing and supporting residential and commercial roofing systems for 70 years. They emphasize traditional values of quality, consistency and service in all of their projects. We worked with the Fania family to develop a Website that communicated these values and positioned the company to attract inbound leads.

Admittedly, the roofing industry (and this might be said for many residential construction-related fields), suffers from a perceived reliability issue. Our goal was not to force the appearance of integrity and transparency on the visitor - but rather, to inspire just enough confidence so that visitors might take the next step and call or write in to the company.

Custom photography was a factor in the success of our approach. Browse the site and you won't see models, but actual Fania employees, in action. This imagery underscored Fania's principles of personal service, and attentiveness to customers looking for an experienced roofer.

We achieved our goals through the presentation of imagery, project examples and the telling of the Fania story. The client has since began an inbound marketing program, and leads flow through the site on a regular basis.

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