Contemporary business is global. And what may seem like a local legal matter these days may indeed require international expertise. What if a German business wants to open up shop in China? If a company in London sues a manufacturer in Atlanta, what are the legal implications and processes involved?

The partners at CKR Law saw the need for legal guidance that crossed international borders. So, they built a network of partner firms across the globe that provide clients with the best local expertise, wherever in the world those clients do business.

An atypical approach to a staid industry requires an atypical Website. And we loved working with a client that wanted to break the stereotypes of their profession. Gone were the gavels, suits and “scales of justice” that adorned too many legal Web sites. Instead, we chose vibrant imagery that respectfully captured the essence of the CKR partner firm locations.

We built the site around the partner firms themselves, giving each the opportunity to share their local perspectives on legal matters within their specializations. As a result, the site has become a global hub of content and opinions where the firms themselves can share information and establish relationships.

To manage content that includes extensive attorney profiles, a global directory of partner firms and blog, we built a framework of templates within WordPress that simplifies the client’s data entry process. A win for the client, a win for the firms and a pleasure for us to build.

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