SpreadMusicNow is a Connecticut-based fund that supports music education for underserved youth. Founded in 2011, SMN has quickly grown into a nationally-recognized benefactor of music education, providing grants to high-quality music programs that serve thousands of children across the country.

BCS Interactive is responsible for SMN’s entire digital marketing presence, which includes the promotion of their brand, online audience development and the creation of Web-based tools to help SMN staff manage inbound data.

Built in Wordpress, the SpreadMusicNow Web site serves as a place where visitors can learn about the importance and benefits of music education, as well as the types of music programs that SMN supports. An online store offers hip, SpreadMusicNow t-shirts and a clean and simple Stripe-powered donation page makes it easy to give.

Given its immense social media presence (SMN has over 200,000 Facebook fans), the SMN site receives thousands of visitors every month, and approximately 5 grant applications on a given week. To this end, we’ve developed an internal grants database, allowing SMN staff to easily monitor and respond to each organization.

Also in development is a custom CRM (customer relationship management platform) that will pool together all of SMN’s Web-based data collection tools (MailChimp email data, Stripe donations, Google Analytics and more) into one organized database allowing SMN to build stronger relationships with its donors.

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