PEP Program

PEP Program is a college access program that provides financial assistance and academic support for determined, college-bound students, grades 7-12.

As with many of our projects, the PEP Program Web site redesign required not simply a visual and user experience overhaul, but a reassessment of the client’s messaging and overall strategy. Prior to our work with them, PEP Program had been labeled as an organization that “gave scholarships to poor kids.” This simply was not the case. PEP Program is a rigorous, comprehensive college readiness program - for the select few students that have what it takes.

Our design, messaging and user experience services underscored the thorough nature of the PEP Program process, which emphasizes the development of the student academically - but also in terms of civic responsibility and socio-emotional well-being.

In addition to our messaging, positioning and content services, our site development services included a trustee login component, an applicant pre-screening form, an online calendar and a seamless Spanish translation component, all built within the client’s Wordpress content management system.

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