Pathways for Exceptional Children

Pathways for Exceptional Children is a non-profit organization that provides educational, recreational and vocational programs that empower children and youth to lead meaningful, independent lives. We worked with them to develop an e-commerce system and comprehensive website that promotes Pathways' mission to change the way people think about individuals with “disabilities.”

Pathways offers hundreds of programs and trainings, all of which required organization and then systematization. A generic sign-up process was developed, and for those programs requiring payment, we built an online store (using WooCommerce) that allowed the client to control pricing, scheduling and program availability.

In order to segment such a variety of activities and ensure each of Pathways programs was being given equal weight, we employed extensive site mapping, customer journey and user experience processes. The result is a website that has provided enormous efficiencies to the client, while making it easier for users to learn about and participate in all that Pathways has to offer.

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