Music Empowers Foundation

The Music Empowers Foundation is the creation of philanthropist and music lover Andy Davis. Inspired by the memory of his wife, Carol Cohen Davis (also a passionate fan of the arts), Andy founded Music Empowers to provide funding to communities across the country where music education is either underserved or non-existent – and to spread the word about how beneficial music education is to improving children’s lives.

Our humble, initial goals for Music Empowers were to give donors, stakeholders and potential grant recipients a great user experience via the Web and to capture the essence and power of this truly wonderful organization. We're proud to say that we've surpassed even our own wildest expectations.

Since its launch in April 2010, the Music Empowers Foundation has funded over $600,000 in grants to organizations that provide music education - affecting more than 200,000 children nationwide. With respect to its on-line presence, the Foundation's Web site receives, on average, over 4,000 monthly visitors, while its Facebook presence boasts a rapidly growing community of over 150,000 fans. Not bad for an organization that started out with nothing more than an inspired individual and a creative and passionate digital agency.

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