Lainie's Angels

Lainie's Angels provides counseling and peer advocacy to the parents of children suffering from cancer and blood disorders. One of the foundation's main functions is to help parents decipher the massive array of information related to pediatric cancer and to assist them in choosing the most appropriate guidance for their child's specific circumstances. To this end, we developed a blogging platform via a MODx content management system, allowing Lainie's Angels staff and supporters from around the world to share their views on how best to cope with the emotional, financial and practical considerations of treating a sick child.

Like any non-profit, Lainie's Angels relies on the generosity of its donors and benefactors to help spread its mission and continue its essential work. A main component of our site development was to make giving easy. Simple and effective U/X, logical giving prompts and integrated Wufoo forms help facilitate this process.

Selfless artists and creatives from across the country have developed Lainie's Angels-branded merchandise, everything from paper weights to garden stakes to Christmas ornaments, each of which are featured in the Lainie's Angels store, which we developed with the help of Foxycart storefront technology

Whereas supporters of Lainie's Angels engage and learn via the Web site, it's the organization's Facebook and Twitter presences that carry the daily conversation about peer support, advocacy and helping the families of sick children. It's here that we hope to grow the organization's community and fundraising efforts.

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