Downtown Millburn

Boasting nearly 500 retail, dining and service establishments, Downtown Millburn, New Jersey is recognized as one of the state’s preeminent destinations. The Downtown Millburn organization was created to promote the economic growth and overall vitality of this wonderful community, and acts to support township merchants and build exposure in and around the vicinity.

We developed the Downtown Millburn Web site to entice site users to visit Downtown - Right. Now. Given the reputation of Millburn’s restaurants and the quality of its retailers, much of our work had already been done for us. Our focus, then, was to create a site experience that made visiting Downtown Millburn both appealing - and easy.

Recognizing that much of our audience would already be in the local vicinity, we built mobile-first. Imagery and pertinent township information are organized in a series of cards, which provides a great mobile experience and puts emphasis on food and product photography, making our audience - we hope - both hungry, and wanting to shop!

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