Cure Breast Cancer Foundation

Inspired by her own family's experience with breast cancer, Carly Abramson founded Cure Breast Cancer Foundation in 2007 as a means of supporting research towards a cure. Today, the Foundation provides funding for Dr. Larry Norton's Self-Seeding Theory of Breast Cancer at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center of New York.

In developing the Foundation's web site, we strove to balance a visually appealing presence - one that connected with donors, survivors and supporters on an emotional level - with the functionality required to drive fundraising and awareness, including seamless integration of event sign-ups, intuitive donation processes and client-side content management. In addition, it was important to highlight the progressive research initiatives of Dr. Larry Norton and the Foundation's Scientific Advisory Board, as well as provide timely, prominent updates highlighting the Foundation's outreach.

Rather than creating a separate mobile presence that would force the client to manage multiple sets of content, or developing a native application that would prove too costly for the Foundation's stated requirements, we chose to develop the site responsively, allowing for a consistently beautiful user experience across desktop, tablet and smartphone platforms.

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