Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

Contrary to popular misinformation, search is still very much alive and kicking.  But it is changing – constantly, and for the better.  Gone are the days where a business can “fool” search engines with ranking tactics.  Gone also is the notion that a business’ sole mission is to rank higher than its competitors as a little blue link.  Search has become a much richer, more targeted experience, drawing on factors such as quality content, local optimization, social integration, customer reviews and more.

We approach search engine optimization as a natural outcome of Web site or app development. We start to consider the factors involved in search from the minute we start building, and then develop and implement comprehensive search strategies post-launch. We also take into consideration audience intent and, of course, mobile vs. desktop or tablet traffic, each of which requires its own special considerations with respect to search.

It's all about first building a great product and then prompting an audience to come and look. In other words, what’s a great site or app if it can’t be found?  We can help.