Resources for Hiring Digital Project Managers

Lou Kotsinis Lou Kotsinis wrote this on Jul 23, 2018

Lou Kotsinis co-founded BCS Interactive in 2011; he writes about digital marketing, user experience, business topics and client management. Follow him @bcsinteractive or @loukotsinis.

2018 has been a great year for BCS Interactive, and we're currently hiring for a Digital Marketing Project Manager to service a growing client base.  The DMPM will support and work along side our Senior Account and Project Manager.  If there’s someone in your world that meets the job description - send them along, won't you? 

For those of you now hiring for digital project manager positions, I’ll share here some of the resources I’ve come across (aside from the usual players: LinkedIn, Indeed, etc).  I think you’ll find them useful.

The Bureau of Digital has always been a great asset to us.  I became aware of them in 2013, and I've attended three of their Owner Summits (Austin, Atlanta, Charleston) to-date. The network I've developed through this group has provided a great source of referrals during our hiring process.  They also offer a job board that's available to sponors and alumni.    

My contacts at the Bureau led me to Brett Harned, a consultant and educator in digital project management. He runs a great site that you should check out.  In turn Brett directed to me to Ben Aston at The Digital Project Manager, a platform for digital project management information and resources.  There’s tons of stuff here that we’ll be putting to good use, from how-to guides to podcasts.  They even offer a school for digital project management, which shows you how important the role has become. Both Ben and Brett are authorities in the field and have been good sounding boards during our search. 

We’re still on the hunt for the right person, and since great talent also exists off the beaten path we’ll be doing some atypical talent searches as well.  On the whole, though the resources cited above have been helpful.  As we go along our search, I’ll share more channels and thoughts on this topic via Twitter.

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