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Lou Kotsinis Lou Kotsinis wrote this on Jul 14, 2016

Lou Kotsinis co-founded BCS Interactive in 2011; he writes about digital marketing, user experience, business topics and client management. Follow him @bcsinteractive or @loukotsinis.

What You Need to Know is Dead. Long Live Do Good. Do Digital.

When we launched What You Need to Know three years ago, it was as a means to keep our clients up-to-date on what was happening in digital marketing. It wasn’t really a sales tool, and it wasn’t meant to be a comprehensive weekly overview - that would be impossible for our team of our size. Still, we didn’t anticipate how popular it would become. We’ve had steady, strong open rates, and certain readers (you know who you are) haven’t missed an installment.

We are grateful. But as our third-favorite Beatle, George Harrison believed, All Things Must Pass. And so, today is the last edition of WYNTK. In its place will be a new newsletter concept that builds on WYNTK’s purpose - but with a twist.

Over the past two years, our client base has shifted (whether on purpose or by design, we still can’t tell) to primarily serving strong, forward-thinking non profits, foundations and social causes. And so we felt it right to produce a resource that serves this audience. We’re calling it Do Good. Do Digital. And it will be nifty. Very, very nifty.

Do not fear. The core of WYNTK will still be a part of this new direction. But we’ll also include new sections that help non-profit leaders make the most out of digital tools, concepts and programs. That doesn’t mean we no longer work with “for-profit” organizations – we most certainly do. But we’ve found our niche and would like to build on that direction.

We’ll be sending out a teaser to you next week. And then the first edition of #DGDD will arrive in your in-box next Friday at the usual time. You can choose to leave us – but we hope you’ll stay. It’s great having you here.

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