Do You Know Where Your Web Site's Been?

What happens when you shirk your research duties in the early stages of a site re-design? Bad things, we assure you. Here's a cautionary tale.


The Art of the Online Fundraising Experience

Raising money for any charity is tough. Raising it online can be downright impossible, begging the question, how does a non-profit deliver a digital experience that engages users to give up their hard-earned dollars – users who know they’ll receive nothing tangible in return?


Learning Javascript, Progress Part I

Last month, I announced that I was learning Javascript, on my own. I promised to check in and share my progress, so here it goes.


Is a Theme Really the Right Solution for Your Web Site?

Themes and templates have become a major force in Web development. But are they always the right solution for a businesses' needs? I argue no. Not without a little love, that is.


How Should We Really Be Using Facebook?

Most of us use Facebook to weigh in on each other's lives, while openly discussing our own. But what if we used it for something a little more productive, like say, growing our business?


Why I'm Learning Javascript

Ever since Mark Andreessen's now famous pronouncement that "software is eating the world," I've seen the necessity of learning to program. I'm now actually going for it. Here's my first foray into the land of code.


The Reminder vs The Remindee: Why You Want to be the Reminder at Your Job

Do you find yourself constantly reminding the people you work with of deadlines, meetings and tasks? You just might be 'The Reminder' at your company. And that's not a bad thing.


Going the Remote Route

A few weeks ago, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the guys from 37 Signals, put out Remote, their much anticipated book about - you guessed it - working remotely. I haven't yet read it, but I've been following their argument for quite a while, which in a nutshell advocates that businesses can - and should - tap into the remote workforce, hiring employees that work hundreds or thousands of miles away as well as allowing their "local" employees to work from home.

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